Equine Health As Seen Through The Eye of the Horse
The eyes are the window to the soul" William Shakespeare. 

Iridologists use the eyes as the avenue into the body.  Eyes have been applied to human health analysis for centuries, iridology is now being used as a tool to support equine health.

What is an Equine Iridology analysis?

Iridology is the science of assessing horse health by analyzing the fiber structure and color of the iris of the eye.
The founder of Equine Iridology, Mercedes Colburn, ND, Ph.D., with a consultation with her Veterinarian, Dr. Dena Eckerdt, created a remarkable map of the horses' eye, which identifies the intricate intestinal system of the horse. 
The topography of the iris reflects the primary structure of the body.  Each major system of the body is mapped to a specific location in the iris.  
The analysis consists of studying the iris of the horse via an examination of the "Four Tunnels" Colon, Kidney, Lungs, Skin.  
Equine Iridology shows the inherent strengths or weaknesses of either the Sire and or Dam. 
The weaknesses in the skeletal system.
Nutritional needs toxic settlement in the organs: inflammation and the stages of inflammation colon problems., Lymphatic system congestion.
Digestive problems stress. 


Equine Analysis 

Equine Iridology is entirely non-invasive and painless, and completely safe.
Equine Iridology analysis can be easily performed at the stable or field shelter, so there is no need to move or travel your horse.
Or it would be best if you did take the photos and email them back — a discount of 30%. = 85.00-22.50=$59.50

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How to take a photo

Taking an iris photo is very easy.
Use a camera or a cellular phone's camera.
Set the setting for the camera to the macro setting and the auto-focus.
Set the settings for cellular phones; if available, use the macro and zoom in for a nice focus. Also, it is best to use a flashlight for lighting on a side angle that does not shine directly into the horse's eye. 
Take several (four) pictures of each eye of the horse. 

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Iridology is NOT a diagnostic tool. Iridologists use Iridology methods to help individuals strengthen the health with which they were born.

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To whoever enters into service agreements understands that Barbie Heffernan is not a licensed medical physician.
Barbie Heffernan is a Certified Iridologist who will give guidance and direction on a healthier lifestyle and natural supplements based on your needs according to her suggestions.   

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