“The eyes are the window to your soul.” Shakespeare

Iridology is based on one of the most complicated structures of the whole body-the iris. 

My ideal client is someone who recognizes and appreciates the significance of health and wellness—one who understands that nutrition and supplementation, and diet are significant in repairing and healing the whole body.
Additionally, the client also understands how behavior and emotions affect the physical body and can take the necessary steps to understand the cause and effect.
The client is seeking an Iridology Analysis from a certified comprehensive iridologist who is a professional that offers a precise examination of the pupil, collarette, and iris sectors, with eight options of iridological topographic charting systems, precisely placed for every unique human eye!
Today, people need preventative health care and less complex methods of analyzing their condition. Iridology provides a non-invasive, painless, and economical means of looking into the body, which may be utilized in conjunction with any other system of analysis or diagnosis available.

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 What is Iridology? (pronounced eye-rid-ology)
 Iridology is the study of health via an examination of the iris (colored section of the eye), the sclera (white of the eye), and the structural aspects of the eye, including the pupil (the black center), pupil border, and collarette. The iris is the most complex external structure of human anatomy. It has a reflex connection to every organ and tissue of the body through the nervous system.
Through the optic nerves attached to the eyes, visual information is sent to the brain. At the same time, there is information sent back to the brain's eyes about the state of the organs and tissues in your body.
As a comprehensive certified Iridologist, I assess the variations of color and fiber structure of the eye to assess the constitutional strength of the physical body constitutional strength and aspects of the personality, which conscious and subliminal emotional patterns can influence.
Iridology is not a treatment therapy but a diagnostic tool used to detect underlying signs of developing the disease. Iridology is used to determine health problems at their earliest stages to prevent illness and maintain optimum wellness.
It has been said: "the eye is the window of the soul."

What are your beautiful eyes saying about your physical body's constitutional strength and personality aspects that influence conscious and subliminal emotional patterns?

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Equine Iridology

Equine Iridology as seen through the eye of a horse is over 16 years of research by Mercedes Colburn, ND, Ph.D., and her consultation with the highly respected Veterinarian, Dr. Dena Eckerdt, to create this remarkable map of the eye of the horse… a map, which can identify the intricate intestinal system of the horse.

‘Iridology is not a substitute for Veterinary Care. Always consult your vet if your animal is unwell’.

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Canine and Feline Iridology

Canine and feline Iridology is a science that undertakes to identify health problems by analyzing the canine's iris (dog) and the feline (cat).
Cooperating with veterinarians, we have been able to capture an extensive database of both canine and feline irises, along with their associated veterinarian-diagnosed medical health problems. Iridology is a non-invasive identification of health problems in canines.
It is now possible for the first time to scan a canine (dog)  and a feline (cat) iris to determine possible organ weaknesses. 

Iridology is not a substitute for Veterinary Care.
Always consult your vet if your animal is unwell’.

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He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. Thomas Carlyle 


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Iridology is NOT a diagnostic tool. Iridologists use Iridology methods to help individuals strengthen the health with which they were born. Iridology is a non-invasive method of analysis that enables you to gain insight into specific aspects of health. History dating back to the ancient Babylonians confirms that this method was used to determine health problems. Modern history has seen advances in both understanding and technique to the point where many practitioners employ it in both alternate and mainstream medicine as a system of health assessment.
An iris evaluation will enable you to identify specific constitutional aspects of yourself relative to genetic factors. This makes it possible to determine health and lifestyle considerations that could possibly increase the quality of life. In addition to this, it is possible to determine organ weakness, spinal misalignment, and to some extent, psychological attributes. It is not meant to replace conventional diagnoses but should be seen in the context of providing information that might identify specific predispositions. You should always consult your Doctor or other Health Care Professional if you have any concerns.   


To whoever enters into service agreements understands that Barbie Heffernan is not a licensed medical physician. Barbie Heffernan is a Certified Iridologist who will give guidance and direction on a healthier lifestyle and natural supplements based on your needs according to her suggestions.   


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